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Making positive change together

We don’t have to make a choice between our personal or professional fulfillment. +One founder Christopher Good explores the connections we share with the people closest to us, and how they influence our lives, our work, and our sense of meaning through the power of a funny little word called propinquity. Chris believes in our ability to make positive change together—by design. Propinquity is a powerful force that can drive positive change in the workplace. Watch the video.

About +One

The ways and places that people work have radically changed. As organizations begin to adapt and change how and where they work, prioritizing workplace culture has never been more mission critical. At +One, we partner with organizations to design and shape workplace cultures that help organizations – and their people – thrive.

We inspire

new thinking
We inspire new thinking to uncover gaps between the current and aspirational state of your culture.

We create

culture strategy
We create strategies for shaping culture, to help your organization come alive together.

We transform

team behavior
We transform team behavior by shaping the rituals of work within your organization.

What’s your Propinquity Index score?

We’re bringing the science of propinquity to the forefront with our innovative Propinquity Assessment.

This quick and easy assessment measures how well your team members are connected and engaged with each other, and provides you with a Propinquity Index score that can guide your efforts to build a more cohesive and productive culture.

Challenges +One can help address

Organizations face a wide range of business and people related challenges, often many at the same time. Through the lens of workplace culture, +One can help organizations navigate the following scenarios:

  • Return to office​
  • Workplace model changes ​(Hybrid / Remote)​
  • Reduction in force or office space​
  • Leadership changes​
  • Mergers and/or acquisitions​
  • Rapid growth​
  • Retention/turnover issues ​
  • Low employee engagement and satisfaction​
  • Strategic planning initiatives​

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