About +One

Everyone loves a good story, and our origin story is definitely an interesting one.
Our founder, Chris Good, began his career as a commercial interior designer, helping organizations shape workplace design, workplace strategy, and real estate optimization. Most of his work was really about serving and helping people. The team members of those businesses, who showed up every day and defined the organization.

His +20 years of experience observing and guiding people led him to a simple but inspiring conclusion. The relationships people form at work have a profound impact on both team and organizational success, and the way organizations design and cultivate this connection through workplace culture has the power to affect a variety of important outcomes. 

Chris set out to build a consulting practice that helped organizations define, design, and activate culture shaping strategies that connect employees and the organization to optimize employee experience and organizational success.

Today, +One partners with organizations representing different industries and sizes to shape and evolve workplace culture and elevate the ways and the places that people come together at work.

Meet the +One Team

Chris Good

Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Christopher M. Good is Chief Creative Officer at One Workplace, the West Coast leader in workplace design solutions. He is also the founder of +One, an empathic work culture consulting practice, focused on shaping organizational beliefs and behaviors. Chris believes in the power of design to do good things for other people and his work is devoted to changing the way we think about and shape the human experience. He is a frequent speaker and presenter at events across the country, leading active workshops teaching the power and influence of design. An award-winning interior designer and artist, Chris has worked with IDEO as a build partner for the Teachers Guild, Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room Campaign, and with the Unreasonable Group’s Project Literacy Lab; a business accelerator geared towards high-growth global entrepreneurs.

Jocelyn Manuel

Director, Consulting Services
Jocelyn Manuel brings two decades of rich and diverse experiences and expertise to her role at +One. In her role, Jocelyn collaborates with clients to develop workplace culture strategies and initiatives, supporting organizations as they seek to define and realize their aspirational cultures. She also utilizes her deep capabilities in operations, business planning, and networking to lead the organization’s business development and account management efforts. From the first touchpoint throughout the entire client life cycle, Jocelyn is passionate about helping organizations—and the people who comprise them—to achieve lasting success by cultivating a positive and impactful workplace culture.

Laura Richey

Work Culture Consultant
Laura partners with organizations to design, evolve, and bring to life workplace culture.  With 25+ years’ experience working with organizations representing a range of sizes and industries, she applies a collaborative design-based approach to creating strategies that shape leader and employee mindset and behavior and deliver powerful employee experiences.  A seasoned content developer and communication strategist, Laura also helps clients navigate their organizations’ cultural transformation, co-creating change management strategies and initiatives that are aligned, agile, and sustainable.  Laura loves guiding and inspiring organizations and people to harness the power of workplace culture and employee experience to drive critical outcomes, growth, and success.