The world of work is ever changing and so are the challenges organizations face. Learn more about our offerings and how we help guide organizations on their culture shaping journeys.

Culture Strategy and Activation

Through the lens of the employee experience, we partner with organizations to co-create a clear and measurable strategy for shaping and elevating culture by redefining the way people think and act at work. The outcome is a unique, customized strategy aligned to translate ideas into actionable, intentional steps that integrate into and positively influence the employee experience, wherever and however employees work.

Work Model Transition
(Hybrid, Distributed Team, Remote First)

Companies need to navigate the diverse preferences and expectations of their employees regarding changes in how and where people work. We work with clients to co-create a playbook of policies, rituals, and habits for remote and in-person work to help organizations navigate this shift, focusing on employee workstyle preferences, how work will get done, and how people will interact. The outcome is optimized performance and satisfaction in both in-person and virtual work.

Other Services

Purpose, Mission, Value Design

We help organizations define their organizational ‘North Stars’ and the aligned beliefs and behaviors that translate into how employees think, act, and succeed at work.

Internal Communication Strategy and Planning to support change

Using clarity and transparency as foundational elements, we build communication strategies that successfully guide employees and organizations through and beyond their change journeys.

Culture-Based Leadership Coaching

We work with senior executives as well as managers to reframe and refine their leadership style and approach to align with and support key cultural beliefs and behaviors.

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Success is most often the result of thoughtful planning. Partnering with senior executives, we help organizations define key objectives and outcomes and chart the right course to achieve them.

Employee Value Proposition

To attract and retain top talent, we collaborate with organizations to shape and identify ways to showcase the unique attributes that make them a place people love to work.